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52, 1 (2021)

Winter 2021

  • Joel M. Childers, “The Romance of Criticism”
  • Cecilia Feilla, “Future Perfect History: Historiography and Republican Space-Time in French Revolutionary Theater”
  • David Kurnick, “Jane Austen, Secret Celebrity, and Mass Eroticism”
  • John Lurz, “The Sorceress’s Apprentice: Roland Barthes and the Criticism of Magic”
  • Rita Felski, “Recognizing Class” | D0wnload Article
  • Ana Schwartz, “Anne Bradstreet, Arsonist?”
  • Kayvan Tahmasebian and Rebecca Ruth Gould, “Ajnabi, Or the Xenological Uncanny in Iranian Modernism”
  • Eric Weiskott, “Futures Past: Prophecy, Periodization, and Reinhart Koselleck”