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50, 4 (2019)

Poetry and Race

  • Jahan Ramazani, “Poetry and Race: An Introduction”
  • Evie Shockley, “On Seeing and Reading the ‘Nothing’: Poetry and Blackness Visualized” | D0wnload Article
    » ex patria
  • Urayoán Noel, “The Queer, Migrant Poemics of #Latinx Instagram”
    » White Latinidad
    » Hay(na)ku Boricua
    » Transversal
  • Josephine Nock-Hee Park, “The Poetics of Consolation: Japanese Aesthetics and American Incarceration”
  • Nathan Suhr-Sytsma, “Theories of African Poetry”
  • Tsitsi Jaji, “Zimbabwe in Verse: Anthologizing the Nation as Alternative Historiography”
    » baba’s voice mail.
  • Vidyan Ravinthiran, “(Indian) Verse and the Question of Aesthetics”
    » My Sri Lankan family
    » And so
  • J. Edward Chamberlin, “Chanting Down Babylon: Poetry and Race”
  • Lorna Goodison
    » So Who Was the Mother of Jamaican Art?
    » To Make Various Sorts of Black
    » Sugar
    » The Journey of the Three Dreads